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Long Island Security System & Alarm Specialist

Computer Controlled Security is Long Island's Most reputable Security Alarm System Company.

Computer Controlled Security, inc. was established in 1982. The CEO of CCS, inc. John F. Buchholtz, started the company as a family owned business, which quickly grew. Mr.Buchholtz holds several degrees in computer & electronic technology as well as extensive experience in residential home security systems, commercial security systems, video camera surveillance systems, nanny camera systems and commercial surveillance CCTV systems. which are all necessary assets for leading an energetic team of installation specialists who will perform the right job for you whether you own a house or a business on Long Island.

At Computer Controlled Security, inc. we strive to offer our customers the latest technology in security without sacrificing the personal touch (hence our motto: Yesterday's Workmanship, Today's Technology). Our goal is to maintain high standards when it comes to alarm and CCTV installation quality and precision. We are a complete Long Island security company offering our customers a full line of custom security system installations and service. To that end, we offer free installation packages that will get you started with basic protection while still receiving a custom installed system. For customers looking for more advanced security options, we offer gold packages for both Residential and Commercial Security. Computer Controlled Security also specializes in Video Surveillance and Nanny Camera Systems. Whatever your needs may be, we are here to serve you.

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